Sit bench side and slurp down some authentic Ramen flavours in Newcastle's very first Ramen and Gyoza bar.

Remember to slurp!

Ramen tastes better when you eat it while it’s hot, and slurping cools off your mouthful of noodles while you eat

Tips & Tricks!

1. Take just a small amount of noodles at a time
2. Lift the noodles high out of the bowl with your chopsticks
3. Dip them back into the broth for a hit of extra flavour
4. Suck them into your mouth with an extra loud “sluuuuurp!”


The essence of truly great ramen comes from taking the utmost care in the preparation of each ingredient and extracting their flavours over many hours to produce soups bursting with umami taste and complemented with noodles cooked to perfection.

Susuru is passionate about serving you ramen you won’t forget.

Susuru now has Frozen Ramen Kits available so you enjoy our authentic Ramen flavours anytime! Each kit comes with your choice of 5 ramens. Choose from Spicy Miso Butter, Tonkotsu, Katsu Curry, Vegan Curry and Shoyu flavours. Ordering a Frozen Ramen Kit also allows you to purchase any number of our 20pc Frozen Gyoza Packs at 10% off!


Traditional gyoza dumplings have been enjoyed in Japan for centuries, but remained singular in flavour until now.

At Susuru, we aim to bring our customers a burst of fun and flavour in each gyoza. The ingredients are mostly house-made to ensure genuine quality–this is at the heart of what we do.

Susuru. Delivered.

Has all this reading made you hungry? Susuru is now delivering delicious hot ramen right to your door!

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